Pool Safety Fence Ideas to Style & Safeguard Your Yard

Glass pool safety fence installation to enclose a modern outdoor pool

Pool Safety Fence Ideas to Style & Safeguard Your Yard

pool safety fence is a great way to protect and enclose your swimming pool, define your outdoor space, and improve the look and feel of your yard. At Custom Decks & Fences, we specialise in constructing functional and beautiful pool fences and decks that adhere to the current building code. So, if you’re looking for pool fence ideas that don’t compromise safety or style, here are your options!


There are many variations of wooden pool fences to protect and elevate your surrounding pool area. Here are some of them: 

Raw wood

Raw wood or untreated timber is a great way to enclose your pool and add a rustic charm to your yard. Raw wood is not painted or treated. The only downside is it may be prone to splitting, cracking, and discolouration over time.

Painted wood

A painted fence is another stylish option. You can choose from a variety of colours to match the scheme of your outdoor space, whether you’re after a traditional white picket fence style or something more modern.


If you want to change up the look of your wooden fence, opt for a wooden fence with a lattice design. Lattice adds charm and sophistication to the fence and increases comfort, as the wind can flow through it.


Modern and sleek, glass pool fences are becoming popular in many households with swimming pools. Most of them are made from glass balustrades, which are thick sheets of safety glass with metal posts to support the structure. Glass pool fences feature glass railings that complement most modern homes, as they offer excellent visibility and unobstructed views of your pool.


Attractive and long-lasting, steel pool fences are your best bet for affordability and durability. They’re very versatile when it comes to design and aesthetically cohesive with a variety of landscapes. However, steel pool fences may need some level of maintenance as they can rust over time.

What is the safest pool fence?

If you’re more concerned with safety, the safety pool fence option will depend on what you’re trying to protect against. If you’re concerned about children and pets getting into the pool area unsupervised, we recommend a fence that doesn’t have wide gaps between or underneath, as they could go through it. Wood and steel fences have the best chance of discouraging anyone to climb over them due to their height.

Choose pool fences that offer safety and style

Custom Decks & Fences offers a range of timber, steel, and glass handrails that will improve the look of your swimming area. Our team can install these fences and handrails onto new or existing decks, retaining walls, concrete or paved pathways, or lawns.

So why choose us? We only use quality NZ-approved pool fencing systems and offer several accessories such as latches and hinges that match your chosen fence style. Our team covers all bases – from expert advice and design to installation. We look over your property and suggest the safest options to keep your children safe and the pool inspector happy. Contact us today!

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